Pocket Sized UVC COVID-19 Killer

 Pocket Sized UVC COVID-19 Killer

You’ve probably seen a variety of articles and social media advertisements about UV light products that are designed to kill germs during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Curious about how they work? Let us give you a breakdown:

Essentially, there are three types of UV rays: UV-A, UV-B, and UV-C. Since UV-C rays have the shortest wavelength (between 200-400 nanometers), they also have the highest energy. Because of this, they are able to kill bacteria, germs, and viruses through the destruction of the molecular bonds that hold them together.

Using UV-C light to eliminate pathogens isn’t new—even if you are just now hearing about it. In fact, it has been used regularly to help decontaminate surgical tools and hospital rooms to keep patients safe. A recent study even found that UV-C light can cut transmission of superbugs by 30% as compared to traditional cleaning methods!

If you are interested in trying out the sanitizing capabilities of UV-C light, then a portable option like Dr Sanitize is a great choice. This UV-C light plugs into your phone (or any device with a Type-C charging port) and kills 99.95% of germs and bacteria in just 10 seconds. Yup, 10 seconds! You can swipe it over everything, from paper bills and coins to keyboards and ATM screens. You can use it to sanitize elevator buttons, restaurant utensils, door handles, cellphones, keys, and so, so much more.

Plus, since this gadget was designed to go with you everywhere, it is extremely lightweight and easy to bring with you. Just slip it into your purse or pocket and you will be ready to sanitize on-the-go!

Similar gadgets that use UVC and plug into smartphones retail for $59, but, DR.Sanitize partnered with a Dental Supply Company for Bulbs that donated thousands. So they offer it for $20-30 each, depending on how many you buy.

Check Out the Product Here: DR SANITIZE UVC


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